Pepe Jeans London Footwear

A 1973 Saturday.
A humble place in the Portobello Road Market in London. Three brothers with a very simple project: to sell jeans. Their first customer decides to take a pair. They don’t know it, but the dream has just begun.

Almost 40 years later.
Pepe Jeans London establishes itself as one of the major
denim brands worldwide. With presence in 60 countries on the five continents, it’s sold in more than 7,000 stores worldwide, of which 300 are owned by themselves.

Pepe & Friends.
Renowned for its iconic advertising campaigns, Pepe Jeans London has collaborated over the past 40 years with many well-known talents. We have had the pleasure to see these celebrities grow into what they have become today: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Priestley, Sienna Miller, Laetitia Casta, Fernando Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexa Chung, and guess who gave Kate Moss her first paid job?. All of these people have represented the face of the Pepe Jeans London brand over the years.

Pepe Jeans Footwear completes the Pepe Jeans London Universe.
Fashion is a way of appreciating life, and a casual style and attitude. The footwear proposal matches perfectly with the “casual denim” and the “planned casual” trends: main characters of the brand. It shares the cosmopolitan, dynamic and creative spirit of that stall in the Portobello Road Market.



Also visit the new Pepe Jeans London Website and discover their first short movie “Getaway 14”, whose cast are only the shoes.